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The Danger of Empathy in Love

Empathy is generally seen as a commendable trait, one that won’t lead us astray. However, there is a darker side of empathy which can get us into dangerous situations even with the best of intentions. Not only do I see this pattern play out with many of my clients, but I have also experienced it…

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How to Reparent Yourself When Triggered by a Boundary

Setting boundaries is an important practice in mental health. Boundaries create physical and psychological safety, increase or maintain our self-esteem, and protect our limited energy. Boundaries allow us to engage in healthy relationships both in our personal life and at work. If we are someone who struggles with setting boundaries because we are afraid of…

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I’ve been depressed my whole life. How long does it take to heal?

Oftentimes when we’ve experienced depression or anxiety our whole lives, we begin to see them as traits or immovable aspects of our personalities. We don’t even have a blueprint or memory of what experiencing life without low energy or obsessive thinking feels like. When we become fully identified with our emotional states, it prevents us…

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How strength training builds self-esteem

Feeling safe, calm, and confident in our bodies is a sign of optimal mental health. These states of being are linked to creativity, curiosity, flexibility, and self-awareness, similar to what psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi refers to as the state of “flow.” These states make us want to engage, explore, and grow with the world around us. Feeling good…

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