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Do you secretly wonder if it’s even possible for you to have a healthy relationship?

Maybe you’re constantly being triggered in your romantic relationships, or perhaps you’re completely avoiding love due to fear of being hurt again.

You may be simultaneously deeply craving intimacy at the same time you intensely fear it, or simply confused on how to get past the power struggle stage of a relationship and to the rewards of a secure partnership. Perhaps you’re experiencing feelings of not being good enough, shame for being “too much,” or fear of losing your sense of self if you let someone in.

“…romantics are, ironically, the worst culprits for being relationship avoidant. This is for two reasons. The first being that committing to someone would mean they would have to call off the search for love, and nothing is more romantic than longing.” -Dolly Alderton


Whatever it is that you’re experiencing, you’re beginning to notice the impact of this in every facet of your life:

  • Going from one relationship to the next without knowing how to make them last
  • Being so triggered by your partner that you are plagued with doubts whether or not the relationship can work out
  • Longing to get off of the see saw of the anxious and avoidant push-pull dynamic
  • Getting stuck chasing unavailable people or putting up walls around your heart
  • A pervasive sense of loneliness that follows you everywhere
  • Having a hard time being alone or slowing down and always needing to stay busy or have a distraction
  • Painful perfectionism showing up in your work or alternatively, fearing the commitment and responsibility that going after your dreams would entail
  • Addiction to creature comforts such as food, video games, shopping, substances, Netflix binging etc. so that you can cope with stressors
  • Not being able to move forward with the vision you had for your life and feeling stuck in an endless cycle


Relationship and Attachment Therapy can help.


It may feel impossible now, but you can move past the infatuation or power struggle stage in relationships and create a secure, lasting bond. You can learn to stop self-abandoning and instead learn to operate from a place of grounded self-love. You can connect back to your own body, emotions, and desires, so that you can learn to express your needs effectively and step into embodied confidence rather than reacting from a dysregulated nervous system. You can shift into making authentic choices for your life.

The path to secure attachment and safe, loving bonds

I’ll help you through this process, tailoring each step to your unique needs and circumstances. My approach to healthy relationships comes from a place of believing that neither you nor your partner are the “problem,” but that it’s simply the cycle you’re in that needs fixing. Nor is there anyone “too damaged” for a healthy relationship. Our learned attachment patterns tell us a lot about our past, but they don’t need to write the story of our future

“For securely attached people, ‘dependency’ is not a dirty word, but a fact of life that can be experienced without losing or compromising the self.” -Jessica Fern


It’s time to feel safe, loved, and confident in your ability to navigate relationships. Both with others and with the most important relationship of all- the relationship to yourself.

It would be an honor to be your guide in this process.


Have more questions about therapy or how we’ll work together? Check out my FAQ page.